Fashion Revolution 2021

fashion revolution week
We have decided to commit ourselves as much as possible to raise awareness on the Fashion Revolution Week 2021, from 19 to 25 April 2021.
In our case, it came naturally to us to actively participate being a small artisanal and 100% Made in Italy producers. 
In fact, we believe that producing by hand and entirely in Italy is not only a way to encourage local economies but also to preserve the tradition and uniqueness of the Italian product, by definition devoted to quality.
We state that: our PRICES will never be 'rock bottom'.
Because this way the dignity of the workers would be destroyed. 
We are a small company and we are not looking for 'big numbers': we are looking for loyal and satisfied customers who understand the special value of their purchase.
We know that the road will be uphill but we will keep our eyes on the goal : we do not give up certain values.
Fashion is an important force to be taken into account in our society. It can arouse emotions, provoke, lead, fascinate.
Fashion Revolution says: enough!
We believe in a fashion industry that respects people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Together, we will use the power of the fashion industry to catalyze change and restore dignity to the production chain.
"Fashion Revolution wants to be the first step towards becoming aware of what it means to buy an item of clothing, towards a more ethical and sustainable future for the fashion industry, respecting people and the environment - comments Marina Spadafora , coordinator of Fashion Revolution Italia. - Choosing what we buy can create the world we want: each of us has the power to change things for the better and every moment is good to start doing it "