Nature and technology: this seems to be the combination that guides the innovation of the materials used by the fashion of the future. 
Sustainability becomes the means and the end of a new way of thinking about style.
Here are the innovative materials of natural origin that we will hear about in the coming years and that we will see appear more and more both on the high fashion catwalks and in the shops of the most established commercial brands.
It is a Made in Italy fiber obtained from the scraps of the citrus fruit supply chain, using the scraps: a beautiful and versatile material already used by luxury brands such as Ferragamo.
It proposes an ancient Filipino technique that starting from pineapple leaves obtains a material similar to leather: ecological, biodegradable and rather cheap, it has also found brands like Trussardi and Hugo Boss among its admirers.
It is an ecological skin obtained from the mycelium, a part of the root of the fungi. It is part of a project supported by major fashion brands such as Adidas, Kering and Stella McCartney.
This is also an innovative Italian solution which, by combining the natural fibers of apple peels with a part of polyurethane, gives life to a versatile and resistant material.
It is also a leather obtained from waste, but in this case from the wine industry. Considering that 7 million tons of marc (grape skins and seeds) are produced every year, there is the possibility of obtaining over 3 billion m2 of Wineleather. A great challenge!
These materials, together with natural fibers, concretely realize sustainability and the circular economy, for which MUTH constantly strives. Reuse is in fact one of our priorities.
Because of this we produce leather bags and accessories of the highest range that we recover thanks to the system AlterLife ® to give it a second life and that it is as long as possible.
Let's not forget that quality products last a long time: less 'fast fashion' and less waste.
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