It is the symbol of the most unbridled consumerism. The endless queues in front of the American discount stores are now replaced by the search for the unmissable offer, the lowest price, the bargain at any cost, especially online.

We often end up making useless purchases and being prisoners of the so-called 'binge shopping', a kind of hangover from buying too many low-quality things as long as they have bargain prices.


Instead, we would like this to be an opportunity to rethink the way we buy by choosing quality products made in a sustainable way. 

There are many brands in our area that are committed to a more sustainable fashion such as for example Mostly, 16Rfirenze O Niccolò Pasqualetti  just to mention those closest to us: but also journalists and bloggers looking to give a more ethical twist to the Black Friday / Green Friday season of the month of November.

The two well-known blogs like Carotilla And Concosalometto  as well as many influencers and associations involved in raising awareness on the issue. Why not? We joined in too, wanting to send a clear and strong message about what Black Friday is going to be like MUTH Bags.


We believe there is nothing wrong with buying more beautiful things at better prices: our genuine leather bags of high quality regenerated are MADE IN ITALY products made by hand, by real artisans in their small workshops. We make them 'regenerating' unsold skin from the stocks of the great luxury brands.

We should always keep a few 'conscious shopping rules' in mind to avoid the mountains of garbage and waste as a result of crazy Black Friday shopping.

BUY SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS and make a 'virtue of necessity': if it is true that there is less money to spend especially in this difficult period, it is better to give priority to those who are committed to concrete actions for sustainability. Those who recycle, those who fix, those who create with their own hands starting from the recovery of existing materials or those who use raw materials or sustainable energy sources to produce them.

BUY WITH CONSCIOUSNESS, especially during Black Friday: buy products you really love, high quality, that will last a long time and you can wear for many seasons.

BUY AT KM 0 preferring i products of your territory so you can help a whole supply chain that enlivens it.

BUY DURABLE PRODUCTS. Less, better. This should be the purpose that guides us in our purchases. Enough with the 'disposable' fashion. Wear your clothes, your bags and your accessories for many seasons because style never goes out of fashion! And if they are damaged or unstitched, do not throw them away: for example, on request, we will gladly fix all our creations for those who request it.

You don't want to buy on MUTH Bags for Black Friday? It does not matter. You can still win a discount to give to whoever you want, maybe for Christmas ...

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