For 4 generations, our family has been producing and supplying high quality leather to best fashion brands, Italian and international.

We are not alone. We were born and raised between Florence and Pisa in the so-called 'Leather District' Tuscan, certainly one of the most famous in the world. 

The ability of the Tuscan tanners taking advantage of the proximity of the Arno river made an important contribution to the development of the tanning industry, favoring the trade of products from Pisa to the hinterland, up to Florence and in a large part of Tuscany.

Between the 60s and the 90s the tuscan 'Santa Croce District' became one of the most renowned worldwide, first for the quality of the its leather product, recognized throughout the world as the best in the sector. Italian leather is always been synonymous with quality.

The 'Tuscan Leather District' it is therefore characterized by being the only one in Italy whose specialization actually constitutes the entire production chain of leather (from leather tanning to the finished shoe or leather goods). The District produces today about 98% of Italian sole leather production (70% of that of European Union countries) and 35% of the national production of leather for footwear, leather goods and clothing; exports represent approximately 50% of the tannery's turnover and 60% of the footwear's turnover.

We are proud of our tradition. Thanks to our experience we choose only premium quality leathers made respecting the highest environmental standards. All our collections are 100% MADE in ITALY. 

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