Why would you define yourself SUSTAINABLE?

Are you sure of being environmentally friendly when USING ANIMAL SKIN?

These are questions that we are asked very often and to which we would like to answer.
For us SUSTAINABILITY'must be a concrete act and not just a slogan: today is the new trend and is often used only for marketing purposes.
Instead, we like to apply the LOGIC and the RATIONALITY' as we are pragmatic people in terms of education and culture.
We live in Tuscany and we've grown up in the countryside: from our grandparents we've learned that "things don't get thrown away but rather get fixed and that nothing goes to waste".
We know, it is not very 'glamorous' but it is the truth: it is not enough to say that your business is 'green' so you'll find the right influencers to increase sales.
"Preached but nor practised"? Not for us, thanks.
We DO NOT WANT TO WASTE: because it is completely irrational, it is uneconomical, it is useless, it is harmful.
Producing LEATHER for LUXURY FASHION BRANDS is an activity with a HUGE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, we know it well.
This is why we need to improve and Italy is very good regarding setting high standards for environmental protection, water purification and disposing of solid residues (unlike many other countries). 
But too often the mere fact of using ANIMAL LEATHER has been associated with unsustainable behaviors: well, as a matter of fact, ANIMAL LEATHER is by definition a by-product of meat and dairy industry. In EU, ANIMALS ARE NEVER RAISED JUST FOR THEIR SKIN!, the leather you'll get is always a waste product.
Second, one thing are the 'cruelty free' materials and another are the sustainable ones: deciding not to eat or use products of animal origin is a completely respectable CHOICE which, however, should not be confused with ECOLOGY.
Very often, in fact, alternative materials known as 'cruelty free'used on a large scale are made of derived from petroleum (plastics) that are anything but sustainable: according to Greenpeace, in fact, plastic is the most polluting material for the planet.

What can we do?

'Saving' these beautiful materials from destruction allows us to save: WATER, ELECTRICITY, CO2 EMISSIONS, ENVIRONMENTAL DISPOSAL COSTS. This is the system calledAlterLife. and the numbers prove us right.
For our first collections we have saved over 7500 liters of water, 1600 kg of CO2, 3000 kg of solid residues and we have regenerated 1 ton of unsold high quality leather. 
We make our bags with the most beautiful Italian natural leather & we entirely handcraft them by choice: because we only collaborate with Italian artisans who have been working for generations for the most known luxury fashion brands. 
DISCOVER OUR #MUTHNOWASTE COLLECTION, artisanal and sustainable: made by minimizing waste and choosing materials that are as natural as possible for our PACKAGING.