We are tanners, born and raised in the Tuscan leather district, between Florence and Pisa.
For four generations our family has supplied quality leathers to the best Italian and international fashion brands.
This gave us a privileged perspective on the world of luxury and made us aware of what we call 'the dark side' of fashion.
As we follow every step of the leather production, from the raw material to the finishing, we know that large quantities of high-end leathersremainunsold every year to be then disposed of with expensive and polluting processes.


MUTH ® project was born from this idea: to create leather bags and accessories, made by the best Tuscan artisans & to decline our tradition in a new way, more respectful of the environment.
    For us one sustainable fashion it is only possible if it creates value throughout the whole production process. Aesthetic, ethical value and environmental responsibility.
    Filippo and Tommaso Grossi