Let's challenge preconceptions about sustainable fashion.

It's not just for alternative folks: sustainable fashion is beautiful, inside and out. And it is the only solution to the vicious circle of the idea of 'disposable' fashion: FAST FASHION.

The term 'fashion', in our opinion, must be paired with the word 'style' which is not by nature transitory or 'disposable'. Not only that: Italy and fashion are traditionally linked by craftsmanship skills and know-hows that are unique in the world. An artisanal product creates human as well as economic value and is dedicated to quality by nature.

The message that has been passed for too long instead is that something 'in fashion' has an expiry date and this idea, combined with the business model of the big fashion companies, has led to frenetic rhythms of production and consumption of clothing and accessories. fashion. From object of 'use' to object of 'consumption'.

We produce leather accessories, handcrafted leather bags and made entirely by hand and 100% in Italy.  

We have been working with leather for several generations: we have seen the word 'MADE IN ITALY' become more and more distorted, becoming in fact just a word on the label of a garment produced who knows where and without respecting none of the environmental protection regulations or the health or dignity of the workers themselves.

So, no good news?

Some, as a matter of fact. Different movements, independent organizations and associations do a lot and very well to explain and raise awareness in the consumer. Such as the Italian DRESSTHECHANGE.ORG, association of social promotion born in Rome in 2017. Or FASHION REVOLUTION, the largest global activist movement that aims to promote change in the fashion world. Every year, in the week that coincides with April 24, it organizes the FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK with different initiatives to raise awareness and remember the tragedy of 24 April 2013 at RANA PLAZA: during the collapse of an eight-stores building in Dhaka, Bangladesh where textile companies working for major fashion brands were located, 1129 lost their lives and over 2500 were injured. And the world began to open its eyes to the effects of FAST FASHION on both people and the planet.  

The good news is that those who buy can change the equation! Only with consumer's conscious choices and mindful actions a virtuous balance can be re-established between man, planet and economic prosperity. 


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