MUTH ® regenerates, reduces pollution, avoids waste. Thanks to the AlterLife® system we give a second life to high-end leather that remains unsold every year. 

Yes, exactly the same used by the BIG FASHION BRANDS to produce bags and accessories worth thousands of euros, which sparkle in fancy boutiques all over the world.

We choose the most beautiful and natural leather, we thoroughly check the quality. Then we bring it back to life by creating beautiful and durable bags and accessories, entirely hand-made in Italy by the best leather craftsmen. 

This way we don't need newly produced leather, we use what is already there. We save energy, water and reduce emissions: in addition we avoid the disposal of over-produced leather, which is also expensive and very polluting.



We only sell ON-LINE. By choice.

We eliminate brokerage costs to offer the best of the best at the best possible price.

So we can focus on the pursuit of quality at any cost and on the satisfaction of our customers.

We are a true MADE IN ITALY: we design and produce entirely in Italy, to give you the best of handcrafted leather goods.


MUTH ® does not use synthetic materials such as "vegan alternatives": they are made of PU or PVC, they are not completely biodegradable and harmful toxins are dispersed into the environment to produce them.

Natural leather is the most sustainable option for the production of bags and accessories: because it is already a 'waste' of the meat and dairy industry.

Using already produced and high quality leather gives us two advantages: it is a beautiful material that would otherwise go to waste.

It is a durable material, it becomes more beautiful over time: so you will have a real LUXURY BAG, to wear for years.

Also for our packaging we always choose natural or recycled materials.