This is the message of the beautiful event organized by BMW 'GINO' dealership which was held at the Villa I Girasoli.
MUTH he made his contribution as SPECIAL GUEST: many guests, intrigued by this combination of MOTORS and FASHION with a single common denominator: attention to the environment and strategies that will allow us to achieve TRUE SUSTAINABILITY.
If it is certain that the path taken is that of reducing emissions, of the 'electric' turning point in which the best car brands seem to actively participate, it is always good to remember that SUSTAINABILITY concrete starts from the territory and must put its roots on the territory.
For us, a great opportunity to make our project known MUTH Bags to a large audience that responded with curiosity and became part of the 'MUTH' family: for those who love eco-sustainable fashion, for those who understand that true luxury can no longer ignore the impact it has on the environment.
We talked about how to achieve sustainability and how to make it usable, real. A theme that is very dear to those who produce like us handcrafted bags in 'regenerated' leather and 100% Made in Italy: only genuine Italian leather left unsold that we recover from the stocks of the most famous international luxury brands.
It is increasingly evident that beauty and nature will be inseparable and even large companies will have to adapt: the time of 'disposable' fashion is over.
This is also our direction: our motto is #MUTHNOWASTE.
More ecological, eco-sustainable fashion, less waste, more beauty and search for quality that translates into products that do not fear passing fashions and remain beautiful over time.